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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to Speed ​​up Internet Connection Telkom Speedy

How to Speed ​​up Internet Connection Telkom Speedy

Telkom Speedy is still the main choice of Indonesian society in the field of internet connection in addition to a modem. Many people judge a speedy connection is more stable than a modem connection is often trouble. But because too many people are using the internet, often times become slower connection speeds Speedy. Well after
the share tips on Tips on How to Speed ​​up Windows 7 Boot, this time I will review about Speedy Ways to Speed ​​up your connection.

The first step is to find a fast DNS. There are so many ways for her, but on the tips we will try to use Namebench. You can download this application on the internet. After downloading it, run as requested and will show the fastest DNS for you. Change your DNS to the DNS that is raised by the application.

The second step that you can add the Add-ons in your browser. Find add-ons that serves to block advertising portals loading aggravating you. There are also many add-ons that work like this, but we will give examples of using ABP or Block Ads Plus. Install and then restart your computer.

By applying the above correctly then you speedy internet connection can be faster than before. The bottom line is you have to reduce the load burden and throw slow your connection.

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