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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Google Glass Highlights Gender problems in technical school World

Google Glass Highlights Gender problems in technical school World

Take a glance at the selling videos for Google’s Glass and you’ll notice a various cluster of individuals square measure sporting the digital glasses. however a brand new web site has popped up that highlights that the primary cluster of individuals sporting them won't specifically be thus heterogeneous.
A new Tumblr web site, White Men sporting Google Glass, options variety of images of, yes, white men sporting the glasses. “In its favour, if Google Glass didn’t exist, of these geographical area guys would be having affairs or shopping for unsuitable motorbikes,” the tagline of the diary reads.
The site, that is go by associate degree anonymous author, has been shared thousands of times within the previous couple of days on Twitter.
When reached by ABCs News, Google wouldn't discuss the quantitative relation of male to feminine Google Glass explorers, that is that the cluster of individuals World Health Organization applied to check the primary spherical of the merchandise.
Google has begun testing associate degree human Edition of the glasses, that overlay digital data within the world, within the previous couple of weeks with choose application developers and early adopters. Yes, one among the boys even tested them within the shower.
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“Glass is intended by and for folks from all walks of life and that we hope everybody can have an opportunity to fancy it down the road. Our next step is to form Glass on the market to participants of our #ifihadglass initiative, that was designed to bring a various cluster of individuals into the human program,” Google aforementioned in a very statement.
The #ifihadglass initiative displayed Glass handiness to the general public. the present wave of glasses square measure being given to those that signed up at the Google I/O developer conference last year once the glasses were 1st previewed. However, the #ifihadglass contest, that was launched this year, allowed anyone to submit their concepts of what they'd do with the glasses.
But whereas Google won't be firing back at the Tumblr, another cluster is – girls. In response to the first web site, a brand new Tumblr referred to as girls with Glass has popped up. the positioning was started by Christina Warren, a senior author at Mashable.com, and some different feminine technology journalists World Health Organization are testing Glass.
“I thought, ‘Why will we not have a women-with-Glass Tumblr? we have a tendency to aren’t unicorns!’” Warren told ABCs News.
Warren admitted there square measure “considerably less women” Explorers, largely as a result of there square measure fewer feminine computer code developers.
“Most of the primary females to possess this square measure journalists,” Warren aforementioned. “Other than those at Google correct, there doesn’t appear to be that a lot of feminine developers World Health Organization have the human Edition.
The underrepresentation of ladies within the technical school world, particularly the globe of computer code developers and coders, is, of course, nothing new — although there has been an excellent effort to vary that. teams like ladies World Health Organization Code and alter the quantitative relation have fashioned with the goals of recruiting and supporting additional females within the technology world. In fact, Google are going to be holding a girls in technology gathering at its future Google I/O conference.
“When you're talking regarding developers, you're observing a additional lopsided gender quantitative relation,” wife Sklar, the founding father of modification the quantitative relation, told ABCs News. “It highlights what we have a tendency to already grasp is a problem, that is that we've got a really unvaried category of individuals with access to next-gen technology.”
But whereas it would not be the norm, there square measure some feminine computer code developers out there not solely sporting Glass however creating apps for it. Macy Kuang, 25, ordered her combine last year at Google I/O and received them last week.
“I started performing on a bike-sharing app last night. i would like to be able to use them to seek out wherever a close-by bike station is,” Kuang told ABCs News.  ”I don’t have any plans to form different apps, however there square measure lots of prospects.”

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